Word Tributes

Lettering and number tributes are often seen at many funerals and are dedicated to the deceased as a centrepiece tribute from the closely bereaved. Word tributes can be made in any colour, style and flower type depending on your preference. 

If you’re looking to order a word tribute please ring us on 01366 858200, email us at [email protected] or pop into our shop.

Loose or Based?

There are 2 main styles of word tributes that are most commonly used, Loose and Based. Loose designs are where the flowers used are placed in a less controlled way, making the design look more garden-like. Based designs are more traditional using Chrysanthemum’s with a spray of flowers to add some colour.


We charge £40.00 - £45.00 per letter. This depends on the style you are wanting either Loose or Based and the flower types you are wanting. If you’re wanting the more exotic flowers such as Orchids, Protea’s or Birds of Paradise this will increase the price as they are classed as luxury flowers.