Casket Sprays

One of the most important flowers for the funeral service is the gorgeous floral tribute  that decorates the casket. Casket sprays are a beautiful central flower arrangement and create a lovely tribute to the deceased. Casket Sprays are available in any colour, style and can include any flowers which the deceased may have loved, this way the casket spray is unique to the deceased making the design more personal. 

If you are looking for a casket spray please either ring our shop on 01366 858200, email us at [email protected] or pop into our shop.

What to do with the flowers after?

At Noodlepip, we offer a free service of re-arranging casket sprays into bunches of flowers for the family, if the flowers are brought back to us, this can be arranged via the funeral directors or the family. We will try to get as many bunches as you desire out of the design but the larger the spray the more bunches we are able to make for you. 

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      Eco Casket Sprays

      Eco Funerals are becoming more and more popular and it is something that we are passionate about at Noodlepip! Casket Sprays can be made with biodegradable mechanics meaning they would degrade over time. This can be done by making a branch frame and by using moss instead of Oasis. If you’re interested in an Eco design, please contact us.